Carmer and Grit-Book One:The Wingsnatchers Review

The first book by author Sarah Jean Horowitz promises great things to come.  Carmer and Grit - Book One: The Wingsnatchers quickly grabbed my attention and sucked me into the world of magic and faeries.

Carmer is an unlikely hero, but that makes him all the more likable as a character. Grit (aka Princess Grittefrieda which she hates) seems everything but royal.  She rebels against her mother's order, puts her friends at risk, and seems to genuinely be both a mix of grit and determination in spite of her handicap.  More than that, she has no clue of her power....which makes her likable even when the reader wants to hate her.

The author expertly mixes technology and faerie magic in this tale of good guy (and faerie) vs. the greedy, destructive forces of evil. I found myself rooting for Carmer and Grit...holding my breath as they faced challenges, and hoping to see them overcome the obstacles set before them.  I am pleased this is book one, as it means there are others to come!



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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to enjoy the cool evening breezes (not normal for Texas this time of year), and read Matt Phelan's graphic novel Snow White. 

I quickly understood why it received the YALSA 2017 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, Fiction Award and was a Kirkus Prize 2016 nominee. Not only was the cover catching in its use of a black apple on a background of red, the book itself had a dark overtone to its monotone watercolor illustrations. Though it was an easy read, the illustrations demand the reader's attention to understand the nuances of the story line.

This modern adaption of Snow White is set in 1928 pre-Depression era New York and captures the journey of a young girl who loses her mother, then has to deal with a deadly, jealous stepmother and the loss of her father along with the results of a failing stoc…